May 27, 2018. Caravan heading to Kalapana, Kapoho, and Seaview. Target Employee Volunteers help sort and load, and a newly homeless Leilani resident picks up water and a comforter.


The Bodacious Women

of the Nanawale Community Center

TAKE Action to help


Show up at the Community Center and be ready to lend a hand. Hours 9-3:30 


AMAZON Wish List.

Shop the wish list to have items sent directly to the Nanawale Community Center. 


DONATE to the Bodacious food fund at the FOOD BASKET by specifying Bodacious Food  in the comments. This enables the group to purchase food from the Food Basket at a deeply discounted rate to use in their distributions.

DONATE to the Bodacious supply fund at the FOOD BASKET by specifying Bodacious Supplies in the comment. These funds will be used to purchase gas cards to enable the Bodacious to make deliveries in the outer communities of Lower Puna, and other necessities.

 Watch this video to see  Nanawale Long House ladies in action. 

TARGET, HILO - Gift Card Donation Program

Purchase Visa, Mastercard, or Target gift cards in amounts of $25 or above. Take your card to the customer service counter and mention punalavaflow2018.  Our volunteer from Liko Lehua will take the cards down to Nanawale. Visa and Mastercard gift cards are especially useful for gasoline for their volunteers;  and can be used to purchase many other items.

About the Bodacious Women

(and Men)

Food and other necessities headed out to Seaview. May 6, 2018 (slideshow).

It is my honor to host a page for the Bodacious Women of the Nanawale Community Center  -- The Long House.

The Bodacious Women (and men) got to work when the first cracks appeared in the roads of Lower Puna. After preparing their own homes and families for evacuation, they are now at the ready respond once again to the needs of a community in crisis.

The service area includes Nanawale Estates, Hawaiian Beaches, all coastal subdivisions, and the communities on the road up from Kalapana to Leilani  Estates.

Beginning  Monday May 14 they will be receiving and distributing donations at the Long House, helping families in all of the neighborhoods of Lower Puna affected by the current eruption to  get the assistance they need.

Location: Nanawale Community Center - 14-855 Kehau Rd, Pāhoa, HI 96778

Phone(808) 965-8080

Times: 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM



The Lower Puna area  included nearly 5000 people as of the Census 2015 Population Estimate. By the present day we could easily estimate over 6000 individuals in the area will be affected by lava, either by toxic volcanic smog called VOG, or the lava itself, or damage from one or both of these. There are already displaced families, families living with no electricity due to downed power lines, families whose catchment water tanks have been made unusable by falling acid rain. 

One priority, in addition to serving the immediate need for food and drinking water for homes without electricity, is helping families to build up a 3-day supply of emergency food and water. Many families in this area do not have the means to purchase extra in the case of an emergency. In addition, road closures have meant distances of more than an hour to get basic necessities, and many families are finding it a hardship to purchase extra gasoline for these long travels. The list of needs grows every day. Mahalo!

History of the Bodacious Women 

This spirited group has been working to serve the needs of Lower Puna for some time -- with a Food Pantry, community outreach (including locating and helping kupuna), providing referrals to a variety of family services, and more.

With all of this on their plate, it was in the days after  Hurricane Iselle in 2014 that this group of volunteers stepped up even more to add Disaster Response to their already full schedule.

This video hints at  just a tiny piece of the Hurricane Iselle response from this amazing team. 

Just as the community took a breath after Hurricane Iselle, Madame Pele prepared to cross the highway in fall of 2014. The threat to Lower Puna was very real --- thousands of families in the area faced the looming possibility of being completely cut off from Hilo and all of its essential services.

Teaming with other nonprofits and subdivisions of the Lower Puna community -- their extended 'ohana -- and armed with only meagre funds and their limitless energy and bodaciousness, the Bodacious Women met this crisis by expanding into a dedicated center of community assistance, resilience, and response.

They  undertook this task ever aware that the challenge of a hurricane or lava flow could return any day. And it has.