Information for Homeowners and Renters



IF your home is damaged or destroyed...

Call (808) 935-0031  

1. Civil defense will file report and send to Property tax division.

2. Property tax will do a drone confirmation of loss.

3. One week later they will send a letter confirming the condition of the home. Additional copies can be requested to be sent to insurance companies. This process should take about 7 days.

4. If you haven't heard by the 8th day call County Real Property Tax at 961-8201 and ask them about the "damage confirmation by landowner"

5. Then file the damage confirmation with Civil Defense.

6. At this point, if the insurance adjuster requests a report from the fire department, they will need to contact NOTE: the fire department has NOT responded to homes so they have not created reports, therefore the County Damage Confirmation will be the primary documentation in these instances.  The report included before and after photos. 


Insurance Commission announcement for Puna Residents

It's a complicated topic. Start here. 

Additional information here. 

The Hawaii Property Insurance Association

Link is to the Resource Library.

Disaster Relief Options for FHA Homeowners

Individuals with Federal Housing Administration (FHA) - insured mortgages at risk of foreclosure because of the disaster may stop or delay foreclosure by 90 days. Visit the link to determine if you qualify for the foreclosure moratorium: 

ARTICLE: Taxes, Property Values, and the Cost of the Eruption.

The cost of the response to May 16, 2018, and the implications of lost tax revenue do to the eruption.

Property Taxes: Disaster Remission Form

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Whole house air purifier information

3M Cartridge Filter Guide for Masks

A brochure to learn what's out there. 

Hilo Urb Farm

This organization, specializing in compost and sustainable growing, has made a lovely offer to care for cuttings of plants that hold a special place in your hearts. Read more here. 

UH Hilo CTAHR Information on VOG Damage to plants and foliage