Monetary Donations

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Monetary Donations - Puna Locations & Grassroots


Grassroots organization of volunteers located at the Nanawale Long House Community Center. This group has been running a food pantry for their community and building resilience by sharing they systems and their bodaciousness. They have been preparing to respond to a crisis and have been delivering out to the more remote communities, including to those who have difficulty leaving their home. DONATE to the Bodacious fund at the FOOD BASKET by specifying Bodacious Food or Bodacious Supplies in the comment. 

Watch this video to see our Nanawale Long House ladies who serve the community with disaster preparedness and food pantry distributions (specify "Bodacious") in your comment. 


This volunteer organization is cooking hot amazing meals for displaced residents, volunteers, and more in Lower Puna. They are set up at the former KFC in Pahoa, and are using volunteer help in the kitchen. Your donation enables them to purchase food from local businesses in the impacted area. Mahalo!


Facebook page for 100% community driven grass roots assistance site across from Pahoa High School. Pahoa Kalapana Road, Pahoa. 8AM to 8PM. Serves hot meals.  Bank of Hawaii has opened an account for cash donations. Visit or call your local branch of Bank of Hawaii to donate. Funds will be distributed to familtes in Lower Puna. 


The Big Island Giving Tree will be at Solid Rock East Hawaii Church in Pahoa distributing necessities to those affected by the lava flow as needed

They will be passing out food bags and essentials from clothing to pet food to the evacuees of Leilani Estates.  Donate button here. 

Food Basket

Food Basket receives food donations and distributes them via food pantries and meal programs throughout East Hawaii and Puna. Your donation allows these organizations to purchase low-cost food for their neighbors in need. Food Basket is an active partner in disaster response in East Hawaii. You can specify where if you would like your donation directed to disaster response, or a specific organization. Watch this video to see our Nanawale Long House ladies who serve the community with disaster preparedness and food pantry distributions (specify "Bodacious") in your comment. 

Neighborhood Place of Puna

From the website "Neighborhood Place of Puna (NPP) provides many family and community support services to the Puna community. Your tax-deductible donations make a direct impact in our ability to provide these services to our ever-growing population." NPP provided direct assistance to families displaced by Hurricane Iselle and will continue to help families coping with the impact of the lava flow.


Larger Organizations Responding to the Lava Crisis

Hawai'i Community Foundation

The Hawaii Community Foundation (HCF), together with Anderson-Beck Fund, Jack’s Fund and the Darrin & Darien Gee Family Fund, have established the Hawaii Island Volcano Recovery Fund to assist with recovery efforts in support of Hawai'i Island communities affected by the Kilauea volcano eruption.

Click here to support families impacted by the eruption. More information.

Child &  Family Service, Online Giving, Hawai'i Island Fund

Private foundation. In response to the 1,700 people forced out of their homes by the eruption in the Leilani Estates subdivision, Child & Family Service is offering the following emergency response services to displaced residents:

– Counseling for families who need assistance managing the       stress and emotional trauma of the situation
– Temporary housing
– Transportation
– Other Basic needs such as food, clothing and more

Church on a Sure Foundation→

Located in Kea'au not far from the lava flow, CSF has been part of disaster response planning since Hurricane Iselle. You can donate to their special Lava Relief Fund for Puna families in crisis due to the lava flow on their website. Visit their Facebook page here. 

CHURCH of Christ, Hawaii Volcano REsponse

COC has teamed up with local resident to assist in the response and recovery to the Kilauea Eruption. Visit their Facebook page to see more of their operation and response. 

Salvation Army, East Hawaii

From the Website: "The Salvation Army is a responsible steward of generosity in every community. In Hawaii, 83 cents of every dollar The Salvation Army spends go directly to support community service programs."  The Salvation Army in East Hawaii has consistently been a solid partner in responding to any crisis. Salvation Army provides hot meals and distributes food and donated goods to families affected by disaster in our community. 


Go Fund Me

Go Fund Me Volcano Fund - Families in Need

This page was shared with us by the Better Business Bureau in Honolulu. At the link you will find campaigns for a number of families and individuals that have been verified as in legitimate need. 

These are verified campaigns to support those affected by Hawaii’s Kilauea eruption. GoFundMe: "Our platform is backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, which means all funds raised will get to the right place. Additional information can be found here.