"During the eruption some of the people of Puna spent much of their time in prayer and religious meetings, some fled in consternation, and others wandered along the margin of the lava stream, at a safe distance, marking with idle curiosity its progress, while others still pursued their daily avocations within a mile of the fiery river, as quietly as if nothing strange had occurred. They ate, drank, bought, sold, planted, builded, slept, and waked apparently indifferent to the roar of consuming forests, the sight of devouring fire, the startling detonations, the hissing of escaping steam, the rending of gigantic rocks, the raging and crashing of lava waves, and the bellowings, the murmurings, the unearthly mutterings coming up from the burning abyss."
Titus Coan, 1840

Social Media Links

You will find overlap in some of these, as people are sharing as much as they can, sometimes on several pages. Facebook is  a great way to stay informed and there are many many public and private groups sharing news and information 24/7. Groups with a specific focus, e.g., animals can be found on those pages. 

Public officials on Facebook

Senator Russell Rudderman - State Senator, Puna*

Joy Sanbuenaventura - State Representative, Puna

Mark Nakashima - State Representative, Hilo

Valerie Souza Poindexter, County Council Chair*

Eileen O'Hara - Councilmember, Dist. 4. Puna*

Jennifer Ruggles - Councilmember, Dist. 5. Puna*

* Actively updating Facebook with Lava Information.